Medial plastic molding Parts
Medial plastic molding Parts Manufacturing

Isis Biopolymer, Inc. (“Isis”) is an early stage, Rhode Island-based medical device company specializes in medical plastic modingmedical plastic products manufacturing.   Isis has developed a major advance in intelligent non-invasive drug delivery, the IsisIQ™.

The Isis Patch is a personalized, single-use, flexible, ultra-thin, transdermal drug delivery (“TDD”) patch. Isis is pioneering the emerging area of active TDD, which will allow medical professionals, for the first time, to accurately control transdermal drug delivery, ensuring reliable and effective drug administration over an extended period of time.

Founded in 2006, Isis is led by a veteran team of experienced entrepreneurs and scientists with deep expertise in medical plastic products, materials and systems design. Their breakthrough technology will greatly expand the current worldwide multi-billion dollar market for transdermal medications from the well-known nicotine and hormone patches into pain management, cancer therapeutics, neurology, diabetic medications and the treatment of many chronic and acute illnesses.